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Our main goal is to help farmers lower fertilizer cost and chemical usage simultaneously achieving higher yields to increase profit.  We believe in providing growers with products that will improve the results, making them sustainable and competitive. We believe that higher yields shouldn’t come at the expense of profit. We work with companies with top-notch products to improve soil and plant health by balancing the fertility and improving the entire system’s efficiency. We are helping farmers achieve higher yields while keeping the commodity cost low resulting in an overall profit increase. The benefits of using Pro-Soil products and the Calcean ocean mineral program is achieving high yields, quality, nitrogen efficiency, water efficiency, reduce natural diseases, and increase insect resistance to improve the overall plant health. We strongly believe that we have some of the most significant resources for today’s agriculture. Don’t Miss out on the best decision for the best results.!


Information and tips for improving your operation to achieve greater soil and plant health, and overall efficiency for greater yields and profit. 


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Aragonite Lime

Aragonite is a long-favored soil enhancement among growers of all scales, from your small vegetable garden to large agricultural fields. Aragonite spreads easily, buffers pH, provides highly bio available calcium to plants, promotes a healthy microbial community in the soil, where they belong and preventing nutrient leaching or run-offs. Improves your soil’s biology with Aragonite! Great for all types of growing: field crops, backyard gardens, landscaping etc. Better for your plants, better for the environment.  


Pro-Soil’s biotechnology products offer your greatest potential to achieve minimum input and maximum yields by enabling you to better manage the factors that drive input cost up, and those that limit production. The program is simple, it’s easy and can be done without spending any more than you are right now. Technologically engineered to deliver advanced soil nutrition to exiting soils, our natural, liquid below ground management products for crops and soil management work equally well favorably on all varieties of agricultural crops. Designed specifically to increase the energy in the soil; increase the biological complexity of the soil and increase root growth of the plant, it doesn’t really matter what type of crop you are growing because our below ground management products influence root mass …. ANY CROP THAT GROWS IN SOIL WILL BENEFIT!

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