What Product Improved Plant Nutrient Deficiency

Optimal crop growth requires macronutrients, micronutrient and secondary plant nutrients in addition to air, water and sunlight. Basic nutrient requirements for health crops include carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. These nutrients combine to make the perfect environment for plant growth. When any of them are missing in the plant’s makeup, the crop will suffer from yellowing, stunted growth, deformed appearance, or event tainted taste. Nutrient deficiencies can be hard to diagnose as they might not appear in the physical attributes of the plant, require testing to truly ascertain. Due to differences in the soil makeup in the field, nutrient deficiencies might not even be uniform from crop to crop, making testing tricky to implement. 

Is Your Fertilizer Program Is Old As This Tractor?

With new sprayers, planters, tractors, GPS technology it is time for you to upgrade your fertilizer program to get better yield at the best cost efficiency.  

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Technologically engineered to deliver advanced soil nutrition to existing soils, our natural, liquid below ground management products for crop and soil management work equally well and favorably on all varieties of agricultural crops. Designed specifically to increase the energy in the soil; increase the biological complexity of the soil and increase root growth of the plant, it doesn’t really matter what type of crop you’re growing — because our below ground management products influence root mass — ANY CROP THAT GROWS IN SOIL WILL BENEFIT.


Yield Builder!

Formulated with the intention to greatly stimulate key plant growth centers, especially within our soils, PS-FOUNDATION™ (1-0-1) is a plant and soil nutrient concentrate consisting of quality fertilizers, vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, chelated trace minerals, humates, kelp and a powerful non-ionic surfactant-compatible


Foliar Feed!

ProSoil has now combined 3 proven Foliar feed technologies into 1 product. Using our fully cultured and enzymatic process from Triple 3 we have also added 90 naturally occurring Ocean derived minerals along with a high quality Phosphoric Acid. Results in the field over the past 2 seasons have seen significant improvements in plant health and more advanced fruit set with plants retaining more fill throughout the growing season. Recommended application rate is 16 oz. per acre. Talk to your ProSoil representative about the best timing opportunities for various crops.

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Pro-soil increases phosphorus availability by 47% and potassium availability by 25%. DON’T be left behind with narrow bottom line!!!