Pro-Ganic Omri Certified Omri Listed

“Pro-Ganic” combines 30 plus years of biostimulant and foliar feed manufacturing experience to create one of the highest quality organic products that is available for Agricultural use. We obtain the highest quality ingredients and utilize sophisticated state of the art mixing to insure consistent, time-tested and proven results for virtually every crop that uses soil as a median.


  • Single Pass Soil Application 32oz per acre.
  • 2 pass system – 16oz per acre as a soil application 16oz as foliar feed.
  • Multiple Application Program – 10 oz per acre with every pass. Not to exceed 1 gal per acre.

Below Ground and Foliar Management technology for Organic Agriculture. Technology/Ingredient Categories. Proprietary, enzymatic formulation process combining 3 cutting edge technologies. Naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and NP-Pure Ocean Minerals with a high-quality surfactant.