A Guide to Growing the Perfect Crop using Aragonite

An Introduction

Aragonite has the same chemical formula as calcite, CaCO3 but it has a different morphology. This means that its crystal structure is different. Aragonite’s crystal structure looks like a bunch of needles, wheas calcite’s structure looks like building blocks!

Granular form of aragonite is sustainable for growing peanuts because it spread easily, Increases soil pH and starts working in the soil immediately, Aragonite is not lost due to water run off after heavy rains. 

Fine Powder aragonite is great when peanut need a quick calcium stimulant. This is a quick fix to get the crop going again until you can get the proper amount of calcium on the peanuts. 

Peanuts need lots of calcium to produce good yields.  The difference between Aragonite and Ag lime when use on peanuts is you do not have to use as much because Aragonite is 98% to 99% calcium carbonate. When using 1,000 to 2.000 lbs to the acre of Ag lime, why not use Aragonite at 400lbs to the acre. 

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